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Get closer...Candidly.

The best way to go candid is to remain at a distance, and do the tele-photo-lens do the rest. That is what we, best candid photographers, do.

Unexpected angles, stylish mannerisms that come naturally to the bride, exotic lighting and focus on the proper subject is what matters in good Candid Wedding Photography.

It is all about a good eye and waiting for the moment. And more importantly to click, when it happens. That is not an easy job. But we are good at it.

Candid photos may be fewer to come. But those Candid shots are the ones that spice up the Wedding Photography album. A good Candid Photographer gets appreciated as a good Wedding Photographer.

Friend's of the Bride groom, The parent's of the to-be-wedded couple, The bride's intimate friends... all bring their own moods, and the marriage hall is filled with expressions & emotions. Capturing those without the knowledge of the subject is the essence of good Candid photography.To win accolades as the wedding photographer, it is important to be successful as an agile Candid photographer. But it is not just about impressing others. It is the sense of self satisfaction that matters the most. Because it is not just professional pride, but also a sense of satisfaction that keeps one moving.

Musing a bit more on the topic of candid photography, One will admit it has grown out of proportion. And too rapidly in the recent years.The reason is the advent of Digital cameras. One can shoot any number of photos. No worry about wastage of Photography film. Then choose the photo that you like most, and name it Candid-photography. No one is complaining. A good photograph is always a good photograph. No matter how many wasted shots preceded it. And no one bothers by what name you call it. On the otherside, Sometimes efforts put in Candid-photography go in vain. For an example, one candidly shoots an expression of the bride. And thinks it is nice. But the bride may feel otherwise. The age old adage, beauty lies in the eye of the beholder is very true. Particularly in the case of wedding photography. Not all great works are lauded. One has to take it in his strides and move on.

This is the right point of time to Talk specifically of an assignment and job satisfaction. Recently we had this project of candid-wedding-photography-in-coimbatore. The Bride, The Bride-groom and their family members were very very understanding and co-opertative. Gave us a lot of freedom. They had just one request: Make the wedding album a visual treat. We took many photos of lovely kids from their family. The people working in the background in making the wedding a great event were given good coverage. Cameramen took vantage positions, which nobody earlier thought were vantage. Lovely expressions were caught candidly, not just of the wedding couple alone, but of attending friends and family. And at the end we made it.. an excellent wedding album for them to cherish. And for us.. one more feather in our cap... as best-candid-wedding-photographers-in-coimbatore.

But one thing is still true, even in this new age of digital photography. And it will be true forever: A good knowledge of lighting and the ability to choose the right equipment is always essential. The medium may change. But the basics of photography are the same.

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