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Ayush homam to Sathabhishekam ....

Birthday is a big event. So is birthday photography. We at Baba studio, understand it very well. And that is why give it the same importance we give to any other photography assignment.

All our wedding photography clients invite us for the first birthday of their new born. There we take the avatar of Birthday party photographers. Not all are birthday parties. Some are Ayush homams. But in both cases, the birthday photographer takes centre stage. We feel elated to photograph the kids, whose parents we photographed during their wedding. View more Abtha-poorthi-photos in Ayush-homam-photographers page. See the Parents bubbling with happiness. And enjoy their toddlers in their emotive best. hope our photos helped you evaluate our skills.

Sashtiapthapoorthi-photography, Bhima-Ratha-Shanthi-photography and Sathabhishekam-photography are a different kind of birthday-photography assignment. Seeing elderly men seeking the blessings of their elders humble us. We are blessed to have done many Sashtiabthapoorthi-photography albums. We have a few memorable Bhima-Ratha-Santhi-photography album to our name. And two Sadhabhishekam-photography occasions to cherish. Please read the following in case you want to know what these terms refer to.

In the Indian context abtha refers to year and abdhapoorthi refers to completion of one year. That is the reason behind calling first birthday as abthapoorthi function. Similarly 60th birthday celebration is termed as sashtiabdhapoorthi. 70th birthday function is named as bheema ratha santhi. The name used to refer the 80th birthday celebration is sathabhisekam.

God has given us an opportunity, not only to be a part of those ocassions, but also to record them for the benefit of future generations. And in the above slide show, we have posted photos from all events. Ther are many first birthday photos. Two photos from a sixtieth birthday album is included. Sarathi requested us to add his dad's bhima rath shanthi photos. These were taken on his seventieth birthday celebrated two years ago. And our beloved ranganathji's eigthieth birthday celebration pictures adorn as the sathabhishekam photos in this page.

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